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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some Tips For Organizing Things

Sometimes, we can get clumsy at times and ending up with all messy things inside your home. Plus, kids are around at play, hubby's stuffs are everywhere...etc. Well, this might be helpful for wife, mothers, and even singles out there :)

Jumbled Junk Drawer:
  1. Take everything out, and throw away anything that's dried up, broken or unidentifiable.
  2. Relocate any tools and screws to a tool chest that's stored where they're most often used.
  3. When putting things back, group items in drawer dividers according to size and function.
  4. Don't let the drawer get back to its messy state: Get a family catchall basket to hold occasional items that don't seem to have a home.

Crammed Closet:
  1. Take out all the empty hangers and store them in a box or bag.
  2. Group similar items such as blouses, jakets, pants, and dresses, by color and hang them facing the same way.
  3. Ask yourself how often you wear each piece and if you really like it. Pull out items that need repairs or cleaning.
  4. Remove any items on the floor such as shoes, boots, purses or other stuff you've stashed away.
  5. Install wall hooks to hang the outfit you plan to wear the next day or to air out clothes you've just worn before returning them to the closet.
Cluttered Bathroom:
  1. Take everything out of the cabinets and off shelves, and group according to use: medecine, hair products, makeup, nail polish, toiletries.
  2. Wash down shelves and readjust shelving, if necessary.
  3. Get rid of medicines with expiration date that have passed, and throw away old makeup. Make separate piles of duplicate items and store in a clear plastic box.
  4. Restock the medicine cabinet by remedy: cold relief, skincare products, prescription drugs, vitamins. Position everything facing toward so you can read the labels.
  5. Find special containers for items you use daily. Store cotton balls in a clear jar. Stand lipsticks, eye pencils and makeup brushes in a mug.
  6. Put a covered basket on top of the toilet tank for concealing the curling iron, blow dryer and tub items.
  7. Put mnicure supplies into a ziptop bag-you can grab it to do your nails while talking on the phone.