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Monday, March 31, 2008

Stray Cats

There are so many stray cats in our neighborhood. In fact, a couple has been staying under our deck at the back of our house. We already saw many kittens grew up and become another group of stray cats that roam around day and night.
One time our neighbor Barbara expressed her concern about it, and telling us that they tried to call the ASPCA but they said that a complaint has to be signed and agreed by the whole neighborhood. It came out later that one of our neighbors are feeding them, which ASPCA considers it as not bothersome. Now, a couple of cats have been sleeping under our tree at the backyard, so I took photos of them. The male one always come up on our deck and passes by almost everyday. Sometimes, he hangs out on our deck and takes his nap there. They are not destructive, so I just let them nap there, and in fact they are chubby :)).