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Monday, March 17, 2008

Tidy Up Your Office!

Not everybody loves mess, although some might just enjoy working in a messy surroundings...but usually not many. For those who hates mess and simply doesn't know where to begin cleaning up to make their working space more convenient for work, here are some good tips and ideas worth doable:

  • First, take everything off your desk and put it in abox. Next, list the items you need on hand for daily tasks. Supplies and files you use all the time should be organized on your desktop. Example, if you're always reaching for that stapler, then keep that at your fingertips. The idea is to keep handy what you most and store the rest to simplify your workspace.
  • A messy desk can make it hard to concentrate, so try placing different-size mason jars on a tray to store rubber bands, paper clips, tacks and pencils. Or use a metal tool box to organize all your items. A pedestal cake stand is an attractive way to lift items off the desk surface to create extra room.
  • Brighten up your office. Take a picture frame that's at least 8"x10", and insert a sheet of decorative paper instead of a photo. Lay the frame flat on your desk and place objects such as notebooks, pencil sharpeners, and business cards on top. It puts all your go-to items in one neat spot so they aren't scattered across your desk.
  • If you prefer displaying some of your personal items, designate one small area of your office for keepsakes. Try buying rolled corkboard, cutting it to desired size, pinning on mementos and photos and hanging it at eye level. This makes it easy to glance at when you need to destress. Also placecard holders are great for those meaningful little notes from the kids.

Have fun working :).