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Monday, March 3, 2008

Upcoming Trip Countdown!

I am keeping my track closer today on my calendar. We've got less than a week more to go before we'll fly to Los Angeles. We will be in Woodland Hills, California for a week. And as usual, I get excited with our tour on the weekend of that week. It will be a whole day tour, so it's gonna be long. The rest of the weekdays will be busy for hubby during their symposium leadership seminar...and who says I won't be busy too?? "Pinky" will be with me and we'll gonna be working together, blogging! :)
Meantime, I have to get that luggage out! Clean and remove some old stuffs out, then figure out what clothes to pack. For sure, LA is much warmer than MD, but I think I don't need to really pack summer clothes as well?..Ok, I have tdo think about it...check weather at least 10 days before the trip, do some rush laundry, whew!! I gotta find that luggage first. My goodness, I forgot where did I put it LOL!
Before I get too much confused, I better log off and let Pinky rest. I guess that's the best solution :))