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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Watching theRodeo Show in Las Vegas - Must be Exciting!

When I saw the news about the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, I told hubby about it and he asked me if I want to watch it. I have not experienced watching this kind of show yet, so I told him, "sure, why not?" :). Although I am not so well familiar with this game, I sometimes would watch it on TV shows and how they do it in movies too ;). So I was thinking of why not trying this one just for a change on one of our trips. It must be exciting huh? Until I found Team One website that offers and sells tickets for National Final Rodeo tickets. Well, both me and hubby were thinking it must be quite expensive to get tickets because one of his friends is one great fan of Rodeo and told him he spends at least $300 just to witness this event. We didn't quite expect we can actually get cheaper ones through Team One ticketing online. Just imagine, they have affordable tickets as low as $65 each person, which is not quite bad. I mean, I don't choose much when it comes to the seating areas. As well as I can see it near or far, doesn't matter, LOL! I still consider it a golden opportunity to watch this kind of event, considering it is even the National Finals. Whew! isn't that neat? I think hubby is adjusting his calendar for December this know what I mean? We can choose the date ideal for us to watch this event. And oh, by the way, Team One Tickets doesn't have any service charges or any connection fees in purchasing tickets online because they do not inflate their prices. That is another piece of good news worth considering. Well, what can I say?...I am getting excited! :).