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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why A Home Warranty?

When it comes to home buying and selling, be sure you have the right choice in home warranties. ..and American Home Shield is the right choice! :). Amerispec, an American Home Shield's home inspection provider is considered to be the leading home inspection company in North America. With the help of Amerispec inspecting your home, you can help catch unforeseen problems before they can cause problems. During home inspections, a team of professional inspectors does a thorough checking of over 400 items throughout the home, helping buyers, sellers and agents avoid last minute and post closing hassles. You maybe asking this question: "Why purchase an AHS home warranty?" What big advantages do I really get with it? More than 1.2 million homeowners have been trusting home warranties from AHS, which is now the nation's leading home warranty company. AHS main goal is to help homeowners relieve the hassle of repairing air conditioner, furnace, plumbing and appliance problems. That means, it simply protects your home systems, appliances and your budget against unpredictable breakdowns. You can also get a quote online once you plan to buy your home warranty. If you are a first time buyer, AHS can help you take out all those hassles away. If you want to know more informations about an AHS warranty and its benefits visit the site today, and from there, you'll know you really need one :).