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Monday, March 31, 2008

Window Coverings

Summer is getting closer fast. Most of our windows at home have blinds but some are almost too old to support the strong rays of the sun when it shines directly on to our windows. I kept bugging hubby to get one at the closest store but he would always forget it. I might want to try getting wood blinds, which I know are much more durable and not easily break than the one we have right now. Prices are affodable so I might as well order online. Am an online shopper freak, remember? lol! Express Basswood seems to be perfect for our window upstairs. Plus, price is affordable, and they got the color that I wanted. I always want either eggshell color or white for brighter colors. I am referring to, so you might want to visit it if you think you need some window blinds for your home.