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Friday, April 4, 2008

$20,000 Home MakeOver

A $20,000 worth for a home makeover? Why not? I will definitely go into that. I think I don't need to actually take time to decide which room am I going to have the makeover if I will win 20,000 bucks from Renuzil Triscents. I would automatically say my study or office room needs a home makeover...badly! Why, you might ask? Well, first and foremost, I spend most of my day in my office room, and I use two laptops for doing my computer works. With the case scenario, I need to have a wider space for my book shelves ( I have a mini library), a bigger computer desk, a brighter light, and I need bright colors for painting the walls. I still use the ordinary spray thingy for my office room everytime my husband smokes his pipe. Although he does it downstairs, the airvent seems to be getting the smell. So, must be a good idea to use Renuzil Triscents. No need to spray...wastes my time doing it. I am actually planning to do the repainting first if only I could have the money to spend...:(.
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