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Saturday, April 5, 2008

2007 Income Tax Filing

It seems we can't be able to make it on the April 15 deadline, so we decided to file for an extension. We did the same last year, so we should be fine. Hopefully, we can be able to complete it before the end of May so we can be able to get the copy for our I-751 petition. Sometimes, I am telling my hubby it must be nerve wrecking doing the taxes when you have more than one job. :)
Oh, well we are really blessed for the job(s) my hubby are doing, while I recently got work online earning too. ;)... both of us are so thankful for God's showers of blessings. We are getting the most of it. :)


Roche said...

We are doing the same thing too but ours was kind of not desirable since we didnt file the 2006 which we just did finish today and will file an extension for 2007. Still another more days to look forward once we get the refund for 06. goodluck to us!