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Friday, April 18, 2008


I checked my PR today and now it's telling me I am back to ZERO! Well, this is expected, so I won't wonder. Anyway, PR 3 for two months was a great help for me...I got at least a whooping $2K in my account. My blog must have been too crowded with ads that google finally saw it. And there I get back to a in nada page rank.
There's still a good news for my other blog which still maintains a PR2. Although it is a sub domain blog, its PR2 has been there for more than 3 months now. The only sad thing on the other hand is there's not much opps to be given for PR2 blogs, and sub domain are not that much also.
Well, that's life for paid bloggers. For those who has still PR of 3+ out there, "strike while the iron is hot" as they say.


Lisa said...

That's life in the world of blogging sis. This PR thing really is crazy. But at least it helped us when we still had it. It made us money and right now I have a total of $2,780 in my account in PPP alone. It's not really bad after all. My blogspot had also dropped from PR 3 to PR 0 a few days ago.
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