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Thursday, April 17, 2008

BackgammonMasters Guinness Gamer World Record

Yes, this is really serious! Backgammon Masters online has applied for a Guinness Gamer World Record. The famous online game operator has planned the event to announce and promote Backgammon Masters' backgammon freerole tournament to be held every Tuesday and Friday at An to those who love to play backgammon out there, this must be an awesome event tp witness, huh?
Here is actually what will happen on the event. The plan is to toss 2 backgammon dices from a helicopter, 200-300 ft. up in the sky unto a gigantic backgammon board-shaped field, the size of an acre. This will then be a tournament of 2 famous backgammon champions which will play a full match on the huge acre-sized field using a helicopter to toss the dice and a staff will be moving the checkers by communicating via walkie talkies. Checkers and dice will also be huge! Checkers will be 3 ft. in diameter, while the backgammon dice is a custom made of a special inflatable material to avoid breaking from too much impact during the fall. Whoever will be declared as a winner in this match will get to keep the dice known to be with a value of 1,000 Euro.
Backgammon Master's is also planning Guinness Book of World Records to be present during the event and special event tickets will be sold in which proceeds will go to charity. They would also be offering poker and 21 blackjack games in an all-in-one game lobby with the presence of a live customer support.