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Friday, April 4, 2008

Blueberry Lake Resort Vacations

I really do enjoy travel. I must have been lucky that in just a matter of less than a year in the US, I was able to travel numerous states, together with my husband. This year, we are planning to go out of the country for a vacation, and we are considering a lot of places as well. We have Canada in one of our travel plan lists but we are not quite sure yet where to go. If plans will work out well, it would be in time for our 4th year wedding anniversary this October. :) Blueberry Lake for a change? I would say YES!..a big change of scenery for me. Since Blueberry is considered to be a natural four-season playground, an idea of going there in October would still be perfect. With abundant activities available on the place, I can say it will be a paradise for me and my husband ;). I am always looking forward to visit Canada someday, so getting my first steps to Blueberry would be an awesome experience. And of course with this given site, I can get the chance to learn about Tremblant tourist spots as well.