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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Brian Gorrell - an Aussie Blogger Felt Betrayed

I have been following this news at TFC about Brain Gorrell's blog who exposed his sentiments and his alleged horrible experience to his boyfriend socialite named DJ Montano. (Brian's a gay, by the way). His blog contained all his stories regarding his boyfriend who scammed him of all his money savings. His blog became so popular and got 150,000 hits in only for several days and became today's hottest gossip in Manila. Some socialites were also involved, with their darkest secrets now exposed to Brian's blog.
If you want to read his blog, read "The talented Mr. Montano."
Well, talking about opinions, let the guy get back what he really owns. Perhaps, Mr. Montano is the only one who can settle this issue once and for all. Return what has to be returned. Issue is closed!