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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bullies in the Neighborhood

I can still remember what happened two weeks ago when our other car, parked along the road was painted with the word "POOP" on the left rear window. We didn't actually saw who did it, but hubby saw it first when he came home from work. However, we couldn't say it's fom the neighbors who did it because our neighbors are good people. There are even no teen groups hanging around as well as no gangs. It's a peaceful neighborhood and so far, the whole block of houses where we belong, don't have male teens. We were thinking groups from other streets or other blocks just go around during the night and doing some trips. Gosh! bullies are everywhere, no matter how peaceful and quiet the neighborhood is. But as long as there are no crimes and bad happenings, that should be fine. We are close to the police station and fire least, it is really limited and very well controlled, although there are some bullies who becomes crazy at happened, he saw our car parked there for a long time, and wrote something he wanted to express all about himself!