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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cher's Concert at Ceasar's Palace

I am not an avid fan of Cher but one of my friend is. She has been closely following Cher's shows and concerts, so I might as well tell her about Cher's upcoming concert in Las Vegas. She is California-based, so I bet she would be there on Cher's show. Afterall, she travels a lot too :). If you are an avid fan, then it's perhaps time to buy Cher tickets at Caesar's Palace Las Vegas. It should be no time to waste because tickets may run out. Her concert at Ceasar's Palace will start this May 2008. I am aware about Cher's followers. Since she became famous in 1965, most avid fans are probably mostly her contemporaries, but I still see younger ones adoring her songs. Since she became solo, (she used to be the half duo of Sonny and Cher) she became one of the most successful solo recording artists with 25 released albums receiving numerous awards such as Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Awards. This May, her concert is expected to be an exciting production. In her last concert tour, (The farewell tour) was a big hit. Both her concert and tickets were extended several times, not only in the US, but also Canada, Mexico City, Australia and New Zealand. You can catch her tour schedules and tickets online, so it might be better to get your tickets earlier.
I bet, my friend would bug me to come and watch her too. How I wish I can, but I will be in Texas this May, and later that month I would be in Orlando. Geesh, how I wish there would be a change in our travel plans to go Las Vegas. Honestly, I have been wanting to visit Las Vegas as well.