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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doctor's Appointment

Today was my husband's doctor's appointment, and I thought I can just go with him for check up too. He told me I need to have an appointment scheduled first so, I didn't go with him, and instead he did the appointment schedule for me since I told him I'll just have his doctor as mine too. Well, it surprised me when he came back and told me to have my complete physical check up with the doctor on JUNE 24 at 8AM...geesh, more than 2 months wait huh? And fillable forms are overwhelming, just like applying for a job! :)).
I get scared thinking of my coming medical check up from time to time and I think of many "what if's". The last time I had it was 2004. I know I felt better praying about it, but I get nervous at times when I think about it, maybe because I've gone through a lot when I had my surgical operation, and when I got sick and hospitalized several times while I was in the Philippines. It was a horrible experience when I recall those experiences, but I think it's always a good step to be aware of our health check ups. I am always praying :).


Beth said...

Don't worry, you'll be fine. I think we really need to have check up from time to time. At my work, we need to have physical screening every year, which is really good :)