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Monday, April 7, 2008

Down and Blue

I was just feeling down and blue these past couple of days. My hubby was bugging me why I am not the usual me. I just told her I felt lazy and down, and I couldn't explain to him why...perhaps just hormonal imbalance, lol! I felt very homesick too. So, perhaps, hubby wanted to help uplift my mood, so when he asked me what I want to do today, I told him I wanna eat :)). So, we went to eat for dinner at Old Country Buffet. I love the food there...a typical American food, and really lots of food at a cheap price. My tummy went so full adn I couldn't move. Then, afterwhich we went shopping for our grocert and more stuffs for our balikbayan box. At least, I can have something to get busy with again.