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Friday, April 18, 2008


Later this afternoon, I was glad that hubby came home from work a little earlier. I told him about what happened to my page rank and so he gave me $10 bucks. I asked him what was that about? He said for an additional opportunity. And he was patting my back like I was a little baby, and further said: "Don't cry, okay?" Poor, baby! LOL! I did laugh instead of cry...:). Anyway, I told him it's not really a big deal. Hubby is always updated since I started earning from blogging. So, he said, it's okay, and still jokingly told me...I will pay you! ;). And by the way, he loves it, now I don't have the reason to stay awake late at night, and I can rub his head to put him to sleep. lol!


Anonymous said...

Ka-cute pud uy, hehe! :)