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Friday, April 11, 2008

Guess What?

If I won't be telling you the name of that thing, would you be able to guess this vegetable?'s a raddish!.."Labanos" in Tagalog, and "rabanos" in bisaya. lol! My hubby got it for me from the store. I told him the white raddish because he was telling me there's the red one. I was thinking it's the white long one with white skin, but I didn't think there is this kind of raddish that looks like "upo", hahaha....(by the way what's the english for that?? :0)

Well, I pricked and smelled it, and it is really raddish! I haven't tasted it yet if it is exactly the same as the regular long white raddish. Will gonna cook it tomorrow for my pork sinigang. :)