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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How to Winterize Your Child

This might be late for a winter post, but you can at least take it down for the next winter, :).
To keep your child cozy and warm outdoors, don't bundle her in so much clothing that she looks like the Michelin Man. :) All those clothes may make her sweaty and, as a result, colder. Instead, dress her in these layers that can easily be put on or taken off, depending on the weather.
  • Hat - Bare heads can lead to cold bodies, so keep your child's head covered. Look for a hat that's large enough to cover her ears, too.
  • Fleece top and bottom - Not only is fleece comfortable and easy to move around in, it is also a good insulator, dries quickly and transports moisture outward.
  • Jacket - Ideally, it should be both wind-and waterproof.
  • Neck warmer - It's much easier to keep on than a scarf and won't get tangled, either.
  • Mittens - They keep hands warmer than gloves.
  • Warm socks - Look for ones made of a polyester-wool blend. They dry much faster than cotton and trap heat inside, keeping toes toasty.
  • Long underwear - Invest in a set made of polypropylene, which wicks sweat away from the body. Cotton absorbs sweat, leaving your child damp and cold.
  • Waterproof boots - Make sure there's enough wiggle-room in the front so your child can move her toes. Stay away from sneakers-wind and moisture easily seep through them.

Now your kiddo is ready for fun! :)