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Saturday, April 12, 2008

"I love the grass - it's dead!"

That's not my line -it's my hubby's! LOL. I remembered him saying that last winter. He hates mowing the lawn, and now that the grass are turning green and thicker, his line is "How I wish the grass is dead!"...hahahaha! I think, that will be his line this spring. :)
Then I told him, what we probably have to do is let the whole lawn be cemented and paint it all green. ...he chuckled!
It will be a tough job for me to convince him to mow the lawn again from time to time. And I wonder why he pays for Natural Lawn to take care of our grass with all those fertilizers to let the grass grow green and healthy, and yet he's so lazy mowing a grass that grows fast and thick. Perhaps, I will let the Natural Lawn guy put a grass killer on it huh?