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Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's Coyote!

You probably know this guy, right? That's Wile Coyote. A famous cartoon character and the mortal enemy of Mr. "meep-meep", the road runner! :)
This has been in the stock cabinet for years and I didn't know my husband likes coyote so much. I asked him why he likes coyote, because it seems his character is always the grumpy guy who always bear grudge against Road Runner, lol! He said, he would always relate most of his teachings to coyote's character...persistence. You know that thing when he would always become a loser against Mr. "meep-meep"?, he stands up and try again...he can't die anyway. His head crashed on the rocks, fall on a deep cliff, buried with big stones and rocks, and he would always comes up and try another thing again to knock Mr. "meep-meep".
Well, don't judge Mr. Coyote very badly. Afterall, in every personal character trait, there's always that positive trait inside of it.