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Monday, April 28, 2008

Lawn Mowing is Done...Finally!

Finally, I am so glad to share with you guys that our lawn mowing has been done. Both I and hubby had a tough hurdle doing it for 2 days. I know both of us neither enjoyed doing it. My hubby usually does it, with the habit of complaining because he hates mowing the lawn! lol! I helped him because the grass was so thick. That means he needs an assistant for raking the grass. Gosh! I am now having painful muscles on both of my thighs and hubby had back pains...well, both of us are not getting any younger. :).
Thank God for this. I always get bothered when the lawn is being ignored by my hubby. You know he hates seeing the grass growing so fast. We can't seem to find any solution yet for the grass to stop growing, hehehe...I suggested buying a pesticide and sprinkle it all over. He laughed!