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Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Mixed Nuts"

Last night, my attention was drawn to google when I started checking my page rank. So, far, as of this moment, I am not yet hit by Google's "punishment", so to speak. Then, I went on reading about paid links affecting page ranks, until I reached searching about no-follow tags.
Now, I don't know what this means, so I searched and read further. Assessing to the sources that I read, it seems they are telling me it's much more safer to do the no-follow tags when doing your paid links. And remember some companies who would require no-follow tags on your opps? I do, but the links I submitted are still follow tags, because opps will be rejected if I add the no-follow html on the link given. Then they talk many factors, like quality content of your blogs should be high, inbound links should be credible and non-spammers, then I ended up reading about Google's what the heck is that? I read more about it, and my brain went "mixed nuts"!!...I hate numbers, except when they become high on my savings account! :). As simple math equation will drive me nuts...and more mixed nuts if you give me algorithm.
Now, I still don't get it. Just spending some time reading more about page ranks done by google made me went to bed at 3AM...I dreamt about links and page ranks the whole sleeping moments I had, and woke up very hungry! That ends my story...I still can't get it why I got a PR of 3, hehehe...