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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My First Pork Sinigang! :)

Yesterday, I tried cooking my first pork sinigang. Wayback in the Philippines, I didn't spend much time in the kitchen. I didn't even take the chance to do cooking. Now, I have to do more cooking since I got married. Did you know that I have to call my mom via long distance and asked her how to cook adobo?? LOL!...I am so glad, hubby love it so much. I got his taste. Adobo is his favorite Filipino food.
Well, last night, I let my hubby tasted my pork sinigang...he didn't like it. :(. He is not fond of having soups (sabaw) - Filipino style. Now, I've discovered one more thing he doesn't like aside from dried fish and fish soups. All the Filipino-style soups, he wipes his tongue out for those!
Anyway, it was excellent taste for me. I ate a lot, and reserved some for today. :). I am making another menu for hubby, good thing he loves monggo beans! That's what he'll getting tonight! ;)