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Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Sisters...

They are my sisters in Christ. Last Sunday, the women's led the church worship, so we were incharge for the praise and worship service. I was helped by my two sisters (both of them were wearing dress), I was in my casual top and black pants. :). I am not fond of wearing a dress, but for some special occasions, I do wear one! :)

We are all pretty, don't you think? LOL!




wow ganda mo dito sister! with singing ability pa nako kaloka talaga si fafa sayo...visiting you here. tc.

Lisa said...

You're all pretty sis but I'm sure you look prettier in a dress. I always wear a dress when I go to church and all the ladies do. It's good you have the talent to sing for the Lord. Me, I just listen and don't have the guts to go infront and sing. I just sing in my seat during the congregational singing.