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Saturday, April 12, 2008

National Paramedic Institute

It is always a good thing to know that more and more lives have been saved with the continuing increase of companies such as National Paramedic Institute which continues to provide quality education and training for the country's EMS professionals. The National Paramedic Institute provides further education with the most engaging, exciting and cutting edge continous education they offer that includes online EMT training, first responders and paramedics. They are equipped with a one-stop EMS online training center with a cased-based continuing education with a streaming video, post-test explanations and reviews and quizzes, all these which addresses challenging, confusing or unusual EMS issues. Comprehensive lecture series by Dr. Bryan Bledsoe is also included part of the training through an easy-to-navigate learning management system. Be a part of a team that saves lives. You will be a hero! :)