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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nim's Island

Today is the first day of showing for the movie "Nim's Island" to a theater close at home, so we decided to go watch it with hubby. We chose the 9:25pm show. Upon arriving at the movie theater, a note on the ticketing booth said that the movie has been cancelled due to technical problems. Since we were already there, we just watch what was there..."superhero movie". It was just a so-so, just had a bit of a laugh with a bit of green jokes on it.
Well, sometimes, this movie theater is funny. It is a very old cinema, and sometimes we are the only ones watching inside...just the two of us. :). At other times, it would be so full. And now, they cancel movie that is about to be shown...holy crap! Anyway, they said the movie will be available tomorrow. I wanna watch the movie, so I told hubby we have to call them tomorrow before going just to be sure.