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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Organizing Aids

To prevent clutters at home, I usually have these items with me for further organizing and arrangement of paperworks. My husband knows me as a very organized person, and I hate clutters. My hubby is the opposite, and so I get this useful aids.

Colored Folders: Organize categories by color to help you find things at a glance.

Looseleaf notebook: Get one with pocket dividers to hold budget infos, household maintenance schedules, appliance warranties, vacation planning and an emergency numbers list all in one place.

Wicker baskets: They're an attractive option for corraling paperwork, magazines or letters on desktops or coffee tables.

Family Calendar: All important dates, appointments, activities and deadlines should be written on it. Put it in a central location so everyone can see it.

Plastic storage boxes: Clear boxes with flat lids let you see what's inside and can be stacked in the garage, basement or attic.

Self-sick notes: Keep them by the phone, in the kitchen and in the family room. You can stick notes for family members in can't miss places like the front door or the bathroom mirror.

Now, try to assess your home...clutter free, right? ;)