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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Orlando Hotels Near Disney

I have been to Orlando three times, and on our most recent trip, I and my husband were so lucky enough to get a hotel exactly located inside Disney property, courtesy of our daughter working in Disney at that time. I was able to tour around the area and it awed me seeing more hotels nearby. Honestly, there are luxurious hotels around the area, among them are Lake Buena Vista hotels. I must say the first class accomodations are ideal for being so close to the country's most popular vacation destination, Disney World! I love Orlando, and Disney too! the weather, perfect! I am always looking forward to another Disney vacation, and hopefully this time, we will be staying at one of the Orlando Hotels. It's worth it! We've been there and three days of fun was still too short for a Disney vacation. We are actually planning to extend our Disney vacation longer than usual just to visit the entire park, that would be a lot of walking, rides, photos and...FOOD! lol! lots of fun. I love doing that with my hubby :).
This is a good news for those who are participants on the upcoming event in Orlando called the "2008 American Urological Association Annual Meeting." Orlando Vista Hotel is an ideal choice for you which is just located at the entrance to the Downtown Disney Resort Area. Everybody deserves to have that perfect relaxation with a colorful tropical-magic theme of the hotel after a long stressful meeting, don't you think? Furthermore, Orlando Vista Hotel is accessible to almost all the places you'll surely enjoy...restaurants, pleasure island, city walk, downtown disney, etc. Try the Disney experience here. You'll never regret you did it! :).