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Friday, April 11, 2008

Printer Ink Made in the Philippines?

We bought a printer ink for our printer, and when we tried printing colored graphics, there were lines on all of the printed materials. It's like when the printer has a dull printer head. Hubby checked the printer, and it was fact a very good high quality printer.
Then I tried to check the ink box if there is an expiration date on it, but what I found underneath the box was "Made in the Philippines." It was an exported ink from the Philippines to America, sold in Office Depot. I should have been proud with my country exporting products, but not this one. The brand is Lexmark, and my hubby has been using Lexmark for so many years now, with good quality print outs. This one came in a different packaging, like save some dollars, and get black and white ink and a color ink in one box! Yes, much cheaper, but the quality?? good!
Haayyy, pinas talaga...hanggang export pa ba naman?