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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Psychotherapy in Washington DC

In today's stressful society, some people are carried away by it to the point that their coping ability become so low and they end up frustrated, uncomfortable and helpless. if you are based in Washington DC, and you think you need further counselling, or a friend or a love one need help, you can seek a psychotherapist Washington DC-based professional like Karen J. Osterle, LICSW who is a well-experienced psychotherapist that offers psychotherapy for individuals and couples. She also offers extended services such as telephone-based psychotherapy and workshop presentations as well as a consultation and psychotherapy referrals.
One thing to take note: Seeking help from a psychotherapist does not mean you are out of your mind or "crazy" as many people would believe. It is actually seeking help to feel and function better, and to have a healthy coping ability.