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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sam - The Shredder


We bought a paper shredder this week, and as usual, hubby was too quick to name him "Sam". I don't know where did he get that name since I am used to naming them by brand! :). In fairness, the brand name seems to be "too formal", so Sam is okay. :)

Sam doesn't only love papers, but he also loves to eat credit cards and staple wires. (hey, I kept telling him not to eat new credit cards)...he's as well equipped with a letter opener and a pencil sharpener. Cool, isn't it?

We thought of getting Sam because we both feel we really need it. There has been some papers on the mail that needs to be shredded. If you have certain informations that you consider personal and private, be sure to shred them before you throw them out to garbage. Plain tearing is not as always as safe as you think, unless you tear them into fine pieces like the way shredder does, right? Well, way to go for Sam!!