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Monday, April 14, 2008

Scam in the Streets

Yesterday, while we were getting gas, one woman approached my husband. I was inside the convenience store so I went out, thinking that she must be his friend. When I got close, my husband introduced me to the lady...then, she said "nice meeting you, and thanks for the help (she showed me the $20 given by hubby), this will be a great help to pay for my room." I asked her back, where are you staying at? She said, Ramada Inn. The hotel is just beside the gasoline station, and it is where our church is being held. She said her name was "Heather" and she is staying at "Room 108". She revealed further that the hotel is ready to throw her out and her things because she couldn't pay the room.
We went back to the hotel, and asked the desk if she was telling the truth...there was NO Heather and NO Room 108 in the hotel. We didn't mind helping her, but the bad thing is she lied to us, and even using God's name. We don't know why she is doing that. She seems to be sane and even wearing good clothes. Whatever her real reason was, we were still willing to help her, but a scamming work like that shouldn't be tolerated. I am sharing you this for those of you who are not aware of it. Just in case you will be approached by this person, you should know what to do. Beware for scams in the streets!