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Friday, April 11, 2008

Silly Friday!

This afternoon, hubby came home a little earlier and I was startled a little bit when he was rushing up the stairs and looked so worried. Then he gushed: "Oh my! I thought something bad happened to're not answering the phone." I was surprised and told him I didn't hear the phone ring the whole day today. He said he kept on calling at home many times, and phone kept on ringing and nobody was answering. So, we both went to check the phone if there were some messages on it. Then, I saw the phone wire OFF the plug!...Oh, gosh! I remembered I unplugged it last night because it kept on ringing by some telemarketer calls. I forgot to plug it this morning, and so I even wondered why it didn't ring even once today! LOL. Silly me! I made my husband so nervous!