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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Vitamin FACTS - (Part 2)

Iron - Only women who are pregnant or have heavy periods, as well as people with diagnosed deficiency disorders such as anemia, need extra amounts of this mineral. Iron supplements can interact with meds, other dietary supplements and food, and can worsen conditions like ulcers.
RDA Women over 50 and all men: 8mg. Women ages 19-50: 18mg.
Red meat, poultry, fortified cereals, dried beans and lentils, and dark leafy green are good sources.

Zinc - High doses can interfere with how the body metabolizes copper and iron, may weaken the immune system and may also reduce levels of HDL (good) cholesterol. Studies are mixed about its effect on the common cold. Zinc supplements can also interact with certain drugs, including some antibiotics, blood pressure medications and NSAIDs.
RDA Men: 11mg. Women: 8mg.
Meat and poultry are high in zinc; vegetraians should eat plenty o grains, beans, nuts, lentils and dairy products.

*RDA is for general population. Some groups, such s pregnant or breast-feeding women, need more.