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Friday, April 4, 2008

Which Dog Is Right For You?

Do you love dogs? I certainly do...a lot! Owning a dog is no small commitment. You'll be setting aside extra time (a couple hours a day) and extra cash ($40 to $100 a month) for food, vet visits and supplies. Once you decide to get a dog, you'll have to make some choices: Short hair or long hair? Big or small? Third generation English greyhound or 3-generations-removed terrier mutt?

These are some informations I am keeping before I can finally get one of my own. Here are the guides:

If you are a single in the city: - Apartment dwellers might consider a toy breed like a pug or a small hound like a beagle. Have a yard? Opt for a playful schnauzer or a loyal golden retriever.

If you are the brady bunch: - Most hunting dogs are good with kids, especially uber-social cocker spaniels, basset hounds, labs and mixed breeds.

If you are always on the go: - Dachshunds and bulldogs are low-maintenance. If you plan on travelling with Fido, small breeds like Chihuahuas and Yorkies fit best under an airplane seat.

If you are fit and athletic: Greyhounds like to sprint, boxers and Weimaraners are excellent jogging companions, and Labs love to go for a swim.

If you are prone to sniffing: - Poodles and Malteses have close to no dander, making it easier for those who are mildly allergic to breathe.

If you are in need of a protector: - While German Shepherds and Akitas are known for their vigilance, the tough bark of smaller breeds, like the bull terrier, will shoo away most intruders.