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Monday, May 19, 2008

Add Color To Your Home

I love flowers. Every spring until the end of summer, I usually have one hanging in front of our deck or just simply place them as flowered pots inside the house close to where the sun could come through such as through the windows. I always choose flowering house plants because they are eye catching and attractive. It's somewhat like a fulfillment seeing your neighbors appreciating them as they pass by. :) Sometimes, even just passersby can just turn their heads just to look at them is also quite overwhelming. :) It's always deal to get them during later days of spring to summer season because most of them are tropical plants. For me, it is more fun and enjoyable taking care of these flowered plants during early part of summer. Of course, they constantly need proper care too, like regular watering with good light exposure. I talk to them too! :)).
I don't have a "green thumb" but I do love caring flowers when I can. So, I am always ending up buying them. lol! I am getting one for outdoors sooner, just in time for summer.