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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Alpine Industry Group

The alpine industries, a part of the industry groups of Hunt & Hunt should not be set aside and ignored upon because Hunt & Hunt acknowledges the importance of its existence.
Hunt & Hunt had established the Alpine Industry Group wherein they offer services and perform legal work for ski lodges, operators, resort boards, alpine associations, developers and clients connected to alpine industries. Their expertise includes project construction and design contracts, occupational health and safety issues, risk management plans and assessments, site acquisition, financing and development, and insurance litigations in relation to any alpine activities such as collision issues between skiers and snowboarders, falls, instructor injuries, etc. The areas of expertise mentioned above are just some few of the most important ones they do. Hunt & Hunt has experienced lawyers who have thorough understanding and background ofmany alpine issues that usually occur both in the snow season and the summer use of the Alps that makes them use a practical and efficient approach to their client's business issues. At Hunt & Hunt, they speak your language! :)