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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Avoid Stress!

Do text messages, cell phone calls, and e-mails have you putting other's needs before your own? Interruptions such as these can make it seem as though life is out of control. Besides causing frustration, these distractions also cause stress. And we know stress can lead to serious conditions such as heart disease and depression. These ideas can help you take control of your time-and well-being:
  • Make time to prioritize. Review your goals and take stock of what you want to accomplish. Have realistic timelines.
  • Group similar activities together. Tend to phone calls and emails at specific times during the day.
  • Avoid distractions with no value. For example, if you see yourself being drawn into a TV show, ask yourself if you really want to watch it.
  • Organize at home. A clutter free home can help daily life flow more smoothly. Start small at first.
  • Learn to say no. Do what is important to you and your values.
  • Say yes to "you" time. Schedule downtime just as you would for a meeting or an errand.
  • Maintain a positive attitude. Focus on the things you can control instead of those you can't.