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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Getting a Bit Slower Here Folks

Hi friends and fellow bloggers, my apologies for not getting back to all your messages as soon as it should be, particularly to those who want to xlinks. I am a bit behind with that as well as I had some opportunties that are pending and are expiring which I really need to post. It seems that now I am posting more paid ads than what I should suppose to post about me and my life, huh?? That's kinda weird, and google hates it too!! :). But anyway, I will try to work on posting more about what's happening with pinaywife...afterall, this blog is created for that purpose, and it's really unpleasant to see posts which are all paid ads. It doesn't serve its purpose, ya know, right?
By the way, to those fellow bloggers who wanted to xlinks with me, I would always be happy to do so. Just leave a message on my message box...easier for me to see it all.
Thanks to you all and have a happy Sunday! :).