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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prepaid Phone Cards

Recently, we just changed our subscription plan for our home phone because of the sky rocketing bills we paid couple of months ago from long distance calls. Now, we have the "pay as you call" plan but still the charge is expensive. So, I and my husband agreed to just use phone cards for long distance calls. Glad to know that I saw Phone Cards Avenue online. This site would be a great help in saving us for up to 95% of affordable phone cards. That's a big WOW! :). It's a good thing that they have phone cards for the Philippines. Usually, with our current subscription home phone plan, I can only limit my long distance calls to my family in the Philippines once a month. With phone cards from Phone Cards Avenue, I can call them more than once a month for just 4.9 cents per minute. I tried comparing it to our current subscription phone plan, and it has a big difference. The phone card is much way down cheaper. One of the good things I like that Phone Cards Avenue provides is that I can get them online instantly. So, I don't have to worry about emergency calls. That means getting phone cards is hassle-free and big savings as well. There is still good news. You can now get 3% cash back on every purchase you make, so that's another extra savings you can make.
There are more valuable reasons why you should get your phone cards from Phone Cards Avenue. They have the lowest long-distance rates and so far offer the best rates phone cards. If you run into problems with your phone card, you can use the live support chat provided on the site. Wanna know which calling cards are top sellers as well? You can browse them at the left side bar of the site and see it for yourself. Why not visit Phone Cards Avenue today and start calling your loved ones at an affordable rates. All phone cards are of high quality so you'll be guaranteed that you can get great voice quality and clear signals as well.