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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Structured Settlements

Structured Settlement can be life saving when a financial crisis arises. In this case, Stone Street Capital, a company in the specialty finance industry for almost twenty years now has been considered to be a great help and considered to be an expert when it comes to helping people receive their immediate cash for their future payment streams.
Structured Settlements are good setups to provide income over time, but selling structured settlement payments is not an easy decision and can be complicated. Sometimes, it makes sense doing it, but at times, it might not. But with the help of Stone Street Capital, you will be guided and help will be there for you all throughout til you get your money fast. Stone Street Capital offers lump sum cash for structured settlements. When given the option, more than 90% of lottery winners chose the lump sum cash as well.
If you are interested how much you can get for your structured settlement, lottery, slot jackpot prize payments and annuity, feel free to call them today at their toll free number 800-586-7786. You can as well get your free quote online by filling up the form provided.