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Saturday, June 14, 2008

BillsIQ Test Launched

Measuring our financial wellness is considered to be a first step to debt freedom. In order to know and to help us familiarize ourselves how our financial wellness is doing is the BillsIQ test at This test is easy to use and is free. It's just like we are going for a financial health check up without shelling any money out from your wallet because it's free. You can actually do it online anytime you feel convenient for you. Take the BillsIQ test here. Your BillsIQ result will be given at the end of the test upon which from there you can further analyze how financially fit are you. Based on the results, you can then get some expert tips fitted for your financial issues while at the same time seeing your answers and can compare their scores to other test takers through demographic and geographic segments. Learn more about your money at You can even get more tips on how to improve your financial stability and raise your score. Get your free financial check up today and take a great leap to debt freedom.

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