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Monday, June 23, 2008

Coffe Maker Broke!...:(

Hubby's Old coffee maker

After arriving home from our Seattle trip, we found out hubby's favorite coffee maker broke and no longer works. The next morning, hubby almost felt crazy not having his freshly brewed coffee. This coffee maker has been with him for so many, many years. Good thing there was still that instant coffee we bought from the Philippines last year which he was able to use.

Then, while I was checking the kitchen cabinets, I saw a brand new black and decker coffee maker (small one) that can just make a cup...ideal for office use. So, I gave it to him to at least have something for his brewed coffee. He tried it but few first tries and it was a mess! lol! I asked him how is the coffee. He said it was too strong. I guess he overdid pouring too much in there, thinking it was still his bigger coffee maker. But it wasn't bad wth the next few tries. But we still need to have another big coffee maker...he really needs it very badly! :).

The new smaller one...