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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rollforming technology and industry background

When it comes to building construction, particularly one that specializes in roll forming, Samco Machinery is the one you can count on. Based in Toronto, Samco has proven a long way to become the rollforming solutions specialists for 35 years. It is now a global enterprise with several locations like Canada, India, Finland and China. When it comes to roll forming equipment, Samco is proud to offer its products to the public, the fact that 100% of the world's largest steel stud producers use their products, - the reason why Samco is now the world leader in industrial level steel manufacturing in the industry. Samco is backed up by highly trained engineers on staff working and designing roll forming tools and equipments with the highest quality of standards. Equipped with new innovations and continous quest of high efficiencies accompanied with proper designs of making rollformers is absolutely a complete solution to your company's manufacturing process thus making it a profitable, productive company as well.