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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Shopping Galore! :)

While having some fun in Disney, I still was able to shop (a li'l bit)! I was not even thinking of getting a purse in there but look what I got. Of course with hubby's convincing prowess :))...he got me able to buy a perfume! I am not a perfume lover, but I use them. In fact I collect perfumes that I like. Scents should be cool and mild, stuffs like that. And the surprise is, when I bought the perfume, it comes with a givenchy purse!!!! I love it. Perfect for my travel. I like the perfume as well. Hubby chose this one and even got the sales lady promoting it for him. While they were busy talking about it, I was busy looking somewhere else looking for a purse hehehe!!! It was a perfect timing buying this thing and comes with an "angel" attached to it ;). You know what I mean.



And more shopping!!!

I am loving prime outlets center as well :). I bought another purse (Dooney & Bourke) with matching wallet. I wasn't interested buying the wallet, but hubby convinced me to get it! Again, hubby's convincing prowess prevailed! LOL!


Lisa said...

Nice purse sis. I love collecting purses and shoes. I just ordered online 3 pairs of shoes today. There goes some of my blogging money, he-he! I love perfumes too and my brand is Body by Victoria's Secret. I still have one set of perfume, lotion and gel by Britney Spears given to me as a gift. I haven't used it yet.

Anonymous said...

they are very nice purses cool