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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Typhoon "Frank" Hits My Hometown!

Since last week, I saw in the news that a typhoon has been lashing Philippines and had some floods in Iloilo City. Since my hometown is 45 minutes away from the city, I didn't bother that much about it. Then, I received a text from my mother that they have been hit by the typhoon badly, and that one of our rooftops came off. I called to talk to my mom that day, and thank lines are doing good! She told me about the tragedy that many people died, washed away by floods along the river banks. There are many typhhons that had passed in this hometown, but no casualties had been so far. It was only now that they had this worst! The hospital was flooded, a li'l bit deep that they had to move out patients to another hospital. Then, I checked it in youtube, and I was able to watch some videos on what was happening there. It was so horrible. The whole town of Iloilo has been hit! I kept on praying that my family is safe. Thank God, when I finally talked to my mom, they said they are okay except for the leaking rooftop. I will have to call them again later tonight to get some updates.