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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Breakfast Is Ready!

I woke up very late couple of days ago and I forgot that hubby wasn't going out for work that day. He told me he had to do conference calls at home and so I forgot all about it because he wasn't on bed when I woke up. I was thinking he was at work. When I was checking the mails, I saw him came out from the basement and he said he was hungry! Gosh! I got so surprised to see him and I immedately remembered he wasn't working. So got freakingly in panic and had to prepare his breakfast. He offered help so I willingly allowed him to cook the bacon, while I was cooking his eggs and toasting his bread. Well, this was what happened to the beacon! LOL! Poor bacon. But hubby ate his part...didn't eat mine as they are bitter hehehe...
Just a note: Never leave your hubby in the kitchen, not unless he's an experienced cook! :).