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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hertz at Buffalo-Niagara Airport ?...FORGET IT!

My husband has been a loyal member of the Hertz rent a car service, and has been a Gold member for many years. I am a living witness for Hertz consistent service ever since I started travelling with my hubby here in the US. He would request for one and he would be given the best car (if not a brand new one.)

Anyway, hubby requested a car pick up at Buffalo-Niagara Airport in New York last July 19. The regular request is a small car with GPS system, which in his confirmation email sent to him was all set to be complied.

Arriving at Hertz to pick up our car, we noticed that it was a big SUV car with no GPS. We went back to the desk and told them we requested a smaller regular car with GPS and the lady said ALL of their cars have no GPS system. Who doesn't get upset? He talked to a Hertz agent on the phone backed up by the confirmed email he received telling us that they have what we requested. After 25 minutes of whining, a BRAND NEW MUSTANG was given to us (without GPS) with only 4 miles on it. Well, if you're a car lover, you would love it! It's a head turner!...but getting lost in the middle of nowhere and driving a brand new mustang?? I consider it useless! We had to ask the lady the address of our hotel through the map, and so in there she wrote the directions. "Go East , follow west" is not my cup of tea...and hubby neither :(.

God was so good, we reached the hotel for 20 minutes. But the effort of figuring out where to go is a big joke!

The next morning, I told hubby to get rid of that mustang and switch it with a car that is GPS equipped. I don't care if it's an old car as long as there is a navigator on it. He tried to call the Hertz airport office and I heard a very heavy argument...agh! hubby was arguing with someone. This time, hubby was so upset until finally, he was able to get the number of a local Hertz office close to our hotel. We were wondering why they kept messing up our request and didn't even bother to tell us there's one close by us not until hubby asked them.

Laura, the lady manager at the local office said they have KIA with GPS. In a snap we told her to reserve it for us. She was excited to get the mustang! we were guaranteed. :). We told her our plight and she said her office is not like that. We agreed, she was very helpful. Besides, we have been to many Hertz branches and they were all good...except the one in Buffalo.

So, if you happen to be going to Buffalo and planning to rent a car, forget about Hertz...(not unless you know where you're going without the GPS). You'll be ruining your day!